Phoenix natives, lovers of all things design, coffee fanatics… that’s us and this is our blog. Here, we aim to share our favorite places, people, adventures, and much more. We love documenting stories in pictures, so words might be few. Little pieces of us…


2006: We met in high school and quickly became best friends because of our similar tastes in music and Evan’s ability to make me (and everyone he knows) laugh.

2009: Our friendship grew and grew over the last years of high school and into college. In October of 2009, Evan was diagnosed with a rare form of a Sarcoma-like cancer called Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Blue Tumors. Some doctors suggested that Evan take the hospice route, but Evan (and all of his family and friends) knew that God had big, long-term plans for his life. After chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplant, and countless surgeries and treatments later, Evan beat it and joined the cancer survivor club in 2011. Unfortunately, his cancer has since come back, but Evan has successfully battled it twice more making him a 3-time cancer survivor. Needless to say, every day together has been and is a true blessing.

2015: Friendship and love continued to grow, and in October of 2015, Evan proposed and put us on the path to legally establish what was already emotionally solidified between the two of us. We were married on New Years Eve of 2015, hence the reason everyone celebrated on that day (contrary to popular belief, it was not to ring in the new year).


We moved from our hometown suburb of Mesa, AZ to Phoenix, and we currently live within walking distance to some of our favorite places in the city. Everyday is an adventure, and we love making the most of everything we do together whether its traveling to a new place or taking a walk in our very own neighborhood.


We dream of being able to one day work together. Life’s too short to work 40+ hours/week away from the one you love most! Whatever that career may be, we pray that it is design-related, creative, daring, and most importantly, inspiring to others.

We hope you enjoy this online space we’ve created and that you find inspiration in our musings!