Temperatures continue to rise in the Valley of the Sun, but we were blessed with a high of under 80 degrees one day last week (probably the last day like that for a while)! We took full advantage of the cooler weather and decided to hike the trails around Piestewa Peak one more time before the sizzle of summer. The 1A trail at Dreamy Draw is one of our favorites, and it’s the trail we take 90% of the time when we go to Piestewa. There are multiple spots with great views of the city from every angle, and those views are scattered throughout the hike, so they make excellent resting points to get a quick drink of water.

Last hiking season, we’d come to know the trail so well that we knew the exact spot to expect the rattlesnake that made a home under a rock close to the trail. We’d always get our warning and we kept our distance, of course. It was cool to see wildlife in their natural setting, but Evan was definitely more of a fan than me. Other than the wildlife and views of the city, there is plenty of other beauty to take in on this trail. So many varieties of cacti can be seen, and depending on the season you go, you might get the chance to see the desert flowers in bloom and a variety of yellow, orange, and purple flowers everywhere. 

Color and texture also lies in the rock formations, the desert moss growing between the rocks, and other areas of the landscape too. A trip to Dreamy Draw is akin to an outing at the botanical gardens and the zoo at the same time. With no shortage of trail miles on Piestewa, there is no shortage of adventures either.DDH-4


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One thought on “Climbing Phoenix

  1. I love how you guys live life to the fullest and appreciate the beauty around you everywhere you go. I want to live that way to and this inspires me to do that! ❤


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