Hello, and happy Monday! We had a wonderful weekend, complete with a staycation at The Saguaro in celebration of Shawna’s birthday last week. We got to spend some time lounging by the pool during the day (cocktails, books, and naps in the shade!), and we enjoyed the hot tub at night with friends and family.

Our little mini-vacation was very restful, but as always, we were just as excited to be able to come back to our little abode the next day. We really love our home, and we miss it when we are gone (even if it’s just for a night).

It’s been a while since we’ve done a “clicks” post, and we have a few things to share. We hope you enjoy!

1 – As we said, we celebrated Shawna’s birthday this past week, and we’ve been really livin’ it up in terms of all of the giveaways and free food that companies provide on/around your birthday. One of our new favorites that we discovered this year is Ikea’s $15 birthday gift for Ikea Family Members (free to join)! We were able to get a new door mat, another Korken jar for decanting, and a pink Anthurium plant. Thanks, Ikea!

2 – This article provides great inspiration in regards to graphic design and, more specifically, poster design.

3 – The new Hunter for Target line is out, and it’s pretty stellar (and hard to get your hands on). We are digging this cooler bag, and it’s actually available online… for now!!

4 – This modern furniture company has so many amazing pieces and full collections. We’d love to add this and this to our home (or we’d take one of everything, too)!

5 – We finally got the chance to check out The Gladly, and we would have been remiss to go and not get their famous chopped salad. It has it’s own website, and it definitely deserves all of the praise it receives!

6 – We’ve recently added this vase from For the People to our collection. It’s a beautiful vessel to hold our floral arrangements (last flower post here if you missed it)!

7 – We started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago, and we’re always excited when Monday rolls around and there’s a new episode. Check it out if you’re looking for something new and funny to listen to!

8 – Face masks have become a new weekly (and sometimes daily) habit in our household as we’ve started to appreciate taking time for self-care more and more. This clay mask is thick and gritty, smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, and it leaves your skin feeling oh so soft.

9 – Watching movies is a fun way to wind down after a long day, especially when the weather isn’t nice enough to spend lots of time outside. We’ve been getting a lot of movies from the library lately, and this list of classics is helping to guide us in our choice of what to get!

10 – We booked tickets for our tropical vacation a few weeks ago, and we’re slowly but surely gathering a list of places to go and activities we want to do while we’re there. This book helped us with a few suggestions, and it also gave us ideas for other places we’d like to visit in the future!

That’s all for now, friends! Make it a great week by tackling a project you’ve been putting off, connecting with someone who you’ve lost touch with, or anything else productive and/or beneficial that comes to mind!

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