Over the years, a person’s tastes can change dramatically. Tastes in music, tastes in fashion or design, or tastes in food and drink. We both have experienced this with a lot of areas of life, and that includes our taste in alcoholic beverages.

Our first drinks of choice after we turned 21 were: a Rosé for Shawna (horrible, horrible choice… YUCK!!) and a Long Island Iced Tea at Applebee’s for Evan (wah wah…). We’ve come a long way people!!! In the few years that followed, one would mostly witness us drinking a Mike’s Hard Lemonade or some type of hard cider. We have never been big wine or beer drinkers, but we still enjoy the occasional craft cider from time to time.

However, within the last couple of years, we’ve really come to enjoy and appreciate the art of craft cocktails. With such an array of ingredients in each glass, a vast set of techniques and skills for preparation at every step, and such evident fulfillment literally pouring out of the cocktail connoisseurs who craft the drinks, it’s an easy division of the adult beverage realm to love.

Some of our favorite places around the Valley to go out for these carefully crafted works of liquid art are Undertow and Crudo, which are both conveniently within walking distance of our place (insert obligatory P.S.A. to not drink and drive here). Still, we love to recreate favorites or try new drink recipes at home. With our recent purchase of this Iconic Cocktail Co. mixer, we had the perfect bit of inspiration to craft the most deliciously refreshing and aromatic of drinks!

Served in some of our new favorite whiskey glasses from Ikea with a full sprig of fresh herbs, these Rosemary Gimlets are stunning, both visually and to the taste.

Rosemary Gimlets

2 oz. gin

1 oz. Iconic Cocktail Co. Lime Leaf Tonic

.50 oz. lime juice

.25 oz. Demerara syrup

Seltzer water (we chose Trader Joe’s “Island Colada”)

Fresh rosemary sprig

1 – Combine gin, lime tonic, lime juice, and syrup in a cocktail mixing pitcher (we own this one and would recommend it!). Add ice and stir with a bar spoon.

2 – Strain into a rocks glass* over a large ice cube (*Note: typically, gimlets are served in traditional cocktail glasses, but we love the feeling and look of our Old Fashioned, or rocks, glasses more).

3 – Fill up the remainder of the rocks glass with a seltzer of your choice, and garnish with a full sprig of fresh rosemary. Enjoy the taste and the satisfyingly strong aromatics of your drink!



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