Is there a more perfect time to showcase this month’s flower post than just after the first official day of Spring?! As usual, it starts to feel like spring weather in Phoenix a few weeks (or even a month) before the official change in seasons. We’ve really been loving having the doors and windows open to feel the fresh breeze through our place, even if it makes it a bit more dusty.

We were really excited to craft these arrangements due to the upswing in different kinds of flowers popping up in the markets. While we wanted to use lots of unique and varying blooms, we also wanted to stay true to our challenge to craft these arrangements for only about $15 (anyone can make a beautiful arrangement with a lot of cash!).

We picked up the usual greenery as both filler and volume, and we chose yellow Ranunculus and beautiful, blue Eryngium (also known as Sea Holly) as the main stars of our bouquets.

The variation across the two arrangements makes each bouquet look like it was personalized for the spot we placed it in. Taller or shorter, fuller or more simple with just a few buds, these flowers are the ultimate compliment to our new vases from West Elm. We chose the “Egg” and “Raindrop” vases from their Pure White Ceramic line, and we love the simplicity and elegance of each. If you’re looking for vases, or any other home items, make sure you check out their friends and family sale (it ends tomorrow!!) to get 20% off your entire purchase!

westelmflowers-12westelmflowers-5westelmflowers-7westelmflowers-18westelmflowers-2westelmflowers-21westelmflowers-23(Puppy snuggle break with our fur nephew, Alfred)

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