We got to spend a few hours in Tucson while we were in route to a weekend cabin trip with friends on Mt. Lemmon. The past couple of times that we’ve been to Tucson, our plans for the day have been the same. First up is always the Welcome Diner. It’s funny, we live pretty close to the one in Phoenix, but we’ve only been to the Tucson location. Googie architecture evolved from the mid-century and is representative of the futurist, space-age buildings you might see now and then, and the Welcome Diner in Tucson is a great example. We love the atmosphere just as much if not more than the food, and the food is STELLAR.


The Bumble Bee sandwich is hands-down one of the best sandwiches we’ve had. Fried chicken on a homemade biscuit with mustard, honey, and pickles (all locally-sourced ingredients too!). This time, Evan branched out and tried their BBQ-braised pork sandwich, which was amazing too. Thankfully, we had arrived just in time for happy hour, so we tried their Hurricane. A variety of fresh squeezed juices with a few splashes of rum – yes please!

cabin-8cabin-9cabin-3cabin-5cabin-6cabin-4From the Welcome Diner, we ventured to Presta coffee. Both locations are awesome, but the one in Mercado San Agustin has much longer hours which makes it easier to visit. We grabbed a seat at the counter and shared a large cold brew. It was a lovely day so the windows were all open; we could feel the breeze and hear the hustle and bustle of people enjoying their days with friends and family. It’s a great place to people watch and window shop (or actually shop, haha!) with some of the best coffee in Tucson.cabin-11cabin-10After our Tucson adventures, we headed up the long, windy road to Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon. The views were spectacular, and the lookout points were plenty. It would be a fun day trip for anyone looking for a fun place to go from Tucson or Phoenix!

Our friend, Danika, was celebrating her birthday, and a few of us went in on a cute, little cabin to enjoy the lodge life for the weekend. We hiked a bit, shared meals and laughs together, watched the sunset, played games and watched movies, and just enjoyed each other’s company. We didn’t know beforehand, but we didn’t have cell service; it was a really nice surprise to be “unplugged” for the weekend. It was also funny because our monthly issue of Afar was all about travelling unplugged, and we had been talking about the benefits (and the struggles) of doing this on any given trip. It was great to try it out and see how we’d maybe do for longer periods of time.


cabin2-2cabin2-4cabin2-5cabin2-6cabin2-7cabin2-8cabin2-13cabin2-14cabin2-15cabin2-16cabin2-18Whether you’re looking for a couple places to hit up the next time you’re in Tucson, or a quaint and woodsy area to spend your weekend unplugged, southern Arizona has what you’re looking for!


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