Of the countries we visited on our European Christmas vacation, Denmark was by far our favorite. The people were kind, there was so much to see and do, and every street and sidewalk was oh so quaint. We have lots of great recommendations if you’re going to be traveling to Copenhagen yourself, so keep reading (we’ll include the links!).

We stayed at the cutest little Airbnb with the kindest host, Ida. Even though we only had a private room and not a whole place to ourselves like we did in Prague and Munich, these accommodations happened to be our very favorite of the three countries we visited. It was so awesome to stay in a neighborhood of historic villas within Copenhagen, rather than a touristy area of hotels. Our host had great advice for transportation, activities, and dining, and the villa she was renovating was beautiful both inside and out. We also got to pet her friendly cat, Common.COP2C1-2COP2-19On our first day, after three flights crossing 8+ timezones, we felt like zombies. We arrived around 9am, which they say is the best to do in order to kick jetlag quickly (a.k.a. arrive in the morning and have one day where you’re really tired but refuse to go to sleep, and then go to bed at the local time so you can wake up the next day ready to go). It worked! We stayed close to the neighborhood on our first day, just walking around and soaking it all in. We were finally in Europe. We couldn’t resist a quick nap, and that charged us up enough to go to the Nyhavn Christmas market that night. Not to be cheesy, but it was magical and I almost cried (Evan would like me to point out that I, Shawna, almost cried… not Evan).C1-5C1-6C1-8C1-7The next day was spent walking all over the city. We walked about 11 miles that day (thank you, Apple Health app for tracking our steps), and we got to see a lot of cool sights. The Botanical Garden at the University of Copenhagen, Torvehallerne market, Jaegersborggade Street, and a couple of Christmas markets to name a few. Our favorite coffee shop in Copenhagen was Coffee Collective, and we went to two different locations that day. Wandering around the streets of a city we’d been dreaming of going to for a while made this one of the best days of the trip. No plans, just each other and all the time in the world.C1-19C1-18C1-11C1-13C1-14C1-16C1-17C1-23C1-24C1-25C1-27C1-28C1-30C1-29C1-31C1-37C1-32C1-33C1-34C1-35We researched before our trip and decided to get the Copenhagen Card, which is a ticket to a bunch of different attractions as well free rides on all of the metro systems for as long as you purchase the pass for. We purchased a 24-hour pass, so day three of our trip was spent going to the Copenhagen Zoo, the Cisternernes, and Tivoli Gardens. We’re not big history buffs, so while some might like to use the passes to hit up all of the museums and palaces in the city, we loved getting to see the zoo and the amusement park where Walt Disney got a lot of his inspiration for his parks. The Cisternernes were used to hold water for the city back in the day, and they’re now a tourist attraction with rotating art installations and events. This trifecta was perfect for us and our interests, and you can cater how you use your pass to your liking! We’d recommend getting the card as long as you have a game plan for which attractions you’d like to see beforehand – the time goes by fast and you don’t want to be wasting time deciding which venues you want to visit while you’re on the clock! This was one of the only days that we ate out at a restaurant in Copenhagen (dining out is VERY expensive in Denmark). We had found an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet, Riz Raz, online before we left for our trip that had great reviews, and we fueled up here in between sight seeing. The food was good and it was nice to be able to sit down for a bit in a warm spot. We’d recommend it! After all was said and done and we were walking back to our Airbnb from the bus stop, we stumbled upon a Christmas parade! A perfect ending to such a fun day!COP2-5COP2-4COP2-12COP2-6COP2-7COP2-8COP2-9COP2-11COP2-10COP2-13COP2-14COP2-15COP2-17COP2-21COP2-22The next morning, we got up early so we could use the last hour or so of our Copenhagen Card to visit the aquarium, Den Blå Planet. Evan and I both love animals, and we love visiting zoos and aquariums in whatever city we’re visiting if we have the time. The aquarium was so fun, and it’s right on the coast next to the water. Such a beautiful setting. Afterwards, we scuttled on over to Rundetaarn, an old tower in the city-center with a spiral walkway and observatory. The architecture was beautiful and the view of Copenhagen from the observatory deck was breathtaking. It was extra special, too, given that this was our last activity in Copenhagen before heading to Prague.COP3-6COP3-3COP3-8COP3-9COP3-11COP3-12COP3-13COP3-14We have so many wonderful memories from our time in Denmark, and we truly can’t wait until the day we get to go back. Farvel for nu, København!!COP3-16

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  1. I enjoy your blog so much. Will be looking at pictures of your trip many times. Keep it up! Love and the best of good health. Aunt Irene

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