Happy Monday! We had a wonderful last week – it was the first week of Evan being done with radiation, we got our butts back to the gym a few times which always feels good, we received great news of a promotion at work for Shawna, and much more! Life is good, and we’re living and loving this year so far!

Just the other week on one of our walks, we were talking about how we knew there would be great things in store for us in 2018, and already we’re seeing proof of that in so many areas of our lives.

In addition to all of this excitement, there’s also lots to be seen and heard around the world and the web lately. Here are some things that have been keeping our attention:

1 – We attended the Coronado Home Tour over the weekend (remember our post from the Willo Home Tour last year?!). It was so fun to get to walk around and see inside homes from a different historic neighborhood in Phoenix. There’s still a couple left in 2018, like the Windsor Square Home Tour, if you’re interested!

2 – We finally got the chance to grab some Extra Super gear this weekend! Check them out – they’re [extra] super cool and their shirts are the softest!

3 – We’re still hung up on this delicious cocktail we got to try at Crudo a few weeks ago. Super refreshing!

4 – This guy is one of Evan’s favorite graphic designers. There are no kiddos in our immediate future, but we still want to buy all of his children’s books, like this one, to enjoy and save for one day!

5 – We’re getting excited for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs next month! We might just have to gear up!

6 – Loving some of Ikea’s new releases, like this Vaxjo pendant lamp!

7 – We’ll be headed out of town this upcoming weekend for a couple days of cabin life with friends – we can’t wait! This list is inspiring us to plan more of these types of road trips!

8 – Much of our future kitchen daydreaming happens here. What are some design sites that inspire you?

9 – Currently writing this post while hungry (very hungry). This list of easy and healthy dinner ideas is a great one with lots of fun and unique suggestions.

10 – For your watching and listening pleasure (be warned: it’s a little weird, but aren’t we all?).

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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