A short walk away from our place is one of the best happy hour spots in Phoenix.

Crudo, an award-winning concept restaurant from chef Cullen Campbell, hardly needs an introduction as it has won multiple awards over the years and has been featured in countless media spots or “top restaurants of Phoenix” lists. The restaurant features a simple yet elegant and classy aesthetic (one that reminded us of the “hyggelig” restaurants in Copenhagen – simple, modern, candlelit), and the matching sophistication of the dinner menu means that this Italian fare is, of course, a bit on the pricey side.

However, one can experience the same candlelit ambience in the attached Bar Crudo’s happy hour any TuesdaySaturday evening from 5:00 – 7:00pm. Their HH menu consists of reduced priced beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as “small bites” for $5.00 a plate. We’ve enjoyed spending a couple of nights here, laughing and talking about life over a couple of plates and a cocktail.

Our favorite small bites so far have been the Grana Spread and the Strachiatella. The Grana Spread (parmesan, garlic, and olive oil) has such a rich, buttery consistency and is oh so delicious. It comes in a small glass jar and is served with slices of toasted Noble Bread on the side. The Strachiatella (mozzarella, battuto, hazelnut, radicchio) comes in the form of a beautifully plated mound of cheese, finely chopped aromatic vegetables (the battuto), and a drizzling of olive oil. The oil mixes with the milky mozzarella to create a creamy pool around the rest of the plate in which you can dip your bread.CrudoCrudo-21Crudo-7Crudo-2Crudo-5Crudo-15Crudo-8The French 75 has been our go-to cocktail as of late: gin, lemon, and sparkling wine. We first heard of this refreshing cocktail from one of our favorite YouTube channels, How to Drink. Go watch the episode where he makes this drink (or any of his episodes – they’re all gold).Crudo-10Crudo-13

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