We were fortunate enough to spend a lot of time wandering around the streets of Europe this past December. Copenhagen, Prague, Munich – so many fun memories from our travels. Even with all of the memories in our heads from this time, there are a few days that stick out as even more wonderful. The day we went to the BMW Welt was one of them.

This was our first full day in Munich, as we had come in on the train from Prague the day before. We were cold, and we were tired, but that didn’t stop us from exploring this beautiful city.

We started off most of our mornings in Munich the same way (orange juice and croissants from Netto) and this morning was no exception. After our grab and go breakfast, we walked from our hotel through the Olympic Park, which hosted the 1972 summer Olympics. The park was really fun to see, but it was mainly a stop on the way to the main attraction for the day: the BMW Welt.

We had hemmed and hawed too long before we left for Europe about purchasing a tour, so we missed out on getting to see some of the behind-the-scenes within the Welt. However, we were so surprised at how much one can do without tour tickets (and we used the money we had saved to buy an extra tiki drink at Trader Vic’s later that night).

They have tons of automobiles on display – some old and vintage, some new, and some concept cars. In addition to BMW vehicles, they had BMW motorcycles, Mini Cooper’s, and Rolls Royce’s as well. They let you sit on all of the motorcycles to get a feel for how they’d handle the road, and they had some other interactive exhibits too.

Our favorite part within the Welt itself (besides the architecture) was a viewing balcony they had where you could watch the customers who had just purchased a BMW get a tour of the inside and outside of their new car. At the end, the customers got to drive their new car down a spiral driveway and out of the Welt. What a cool experience.

Outside and across the bridge you can check out the BMW museum. We stopped in the museum cafe for a quick coffee and panini to refuel, and then we got our tickets. We ended up spending a few hours in the museum – wandering around and daydreaming about owning some of the vintage cars and discussing which one we would each pick if we could have any one we wanted.

Evan’s favorite car was the 1968 BMW 2002 ti. He’d much rather have that vintage ride than any new Lamborghini or Bugatti, and so would I (we’re so M.F.E.O.).

My favorite car was the 1955 BMW Isetta 250. Being a microcar, it was only designed to hold 2 people, and my favorite part about it was the gallery walls surrounding the exhibit which featured actual photographs from peoples’ European roadtrips from the 50’s and 60’s. It was such a charming space and made me really feel connected to the people in the photos and the stories of their adventures.

All in all, the BMW Welt and BMW Museum are both sights we’d recommend seeing if you ever find yourself in the Bavarian city of Munich. You can even wear a VW hat inside and no one will say a word. With or without an actual tour, there is lots to see and do for sure!BMWBMW-12BMW-2BMW-3BMW-4BMW-11BMW-9BMW-5BMW-7BMW-10BMW-15BMW-14BMW-16BMW-17BMW-26BMW-18BMW-19BMW-20BMW-21BMW-22BMW-25BMW-23BMW-24BMW-27BMW-28BMW-30BMW-37BMW-32BMW-33BMW-34BMW-35BMW-39BMW-40BMW-42

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  1. So cool! You two are a match made in heaven!!!! M.M.I.H.! 🙂 I love reading about your adventures together! ❤


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