18l-4Hello, and Happy Monday!

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend filled with a trip to the movies, a bike ride that ended with snacks and iced tea at Ingo’s, a new favorite happy hour spot within walking distance of our place, binge watching one of our new favorite shows, and grocery shopping for all the goods at Trader Joe’s. All great things!

Here’s a few links we’ve been diggin’ from around the web to brighten up your Monday:

1 – We’re still on such an organization kick after reading this book, so we’re finding articles like this one to be so inspiring for new [budget-friendly] ideas!

2 – Have you ever checked out the Sweet Digs videos on Refinery 29? It’s fun to see how other people style and decorate their homes (and how much people pay per month for rent in different parts of the country).

3 – We’ve tried a couple of easy ramen recipes since we picked up these millet and brown rice noodles from Costco. Egg Drop Ramen (similar to this recipe but we added onions, chili paste, and chili flakes) has been our favorite so far.

4 – We loved traveling to Europe in 2017, and we’re hoping a tropical vacation is in store for us in 2018 (we’re currently using all of our own tips on how to book budget flights to search for the best deals)! Where should we go?!

5 – Did you get a chance to check out our posts we did this past week on our farmer’s market meal and our January flower arrangements?

6 – Evan’s friend Tyler and his buddies made a seriously cool dance video… THOSE MOVES! Chia!

7 – Swooning over this company and their home collections (we love this and these… and pretty much everything else, too).

8 – We’re interested in the whole “coffee subscription” idea, so we ordered samples from this company and this company to try before we buy! Anyone already have a subscription to a brand they love and would recommend?!

9 – It’s really hard for us to fall in love with a new TV series, but this one hooked us right away and there’s no turning back (viewer discretion advised… it can get a little racy haha)!

10 – Perpetual wall calendars are such a good idea for keeping track of the day and eliminating the need to buy a new one year after year. Schoolhouse Electric has lots of good options, like this one and this one.

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