JF2-2“No rain, no flowers.”

A statement simple and true.

We’ve felt like we’ve had our fair share of trials over these last few months. The end of 2017 was rough, and we got some not so great news in the beginning of 2018 with Evan’s kidney issues too. Despite having to face these trials, God is good and has truly showered us in blessings. So many blessings, in fact, that we can’t help but turn our pain into happiness and our sadness into joy.

It’s so easy to have feelings of resentment when you receive bad news. But remaining positive is a skill, and skills can be exercised and refined (we’ve had lots of practice since 2009).

Sometimes you have to take life day by day and extract joy out of the time you spend with the people you love and the experiences that make you happy. We love this line in a song called “The Captain” by Guster that says, “Face forward, move slow, forge ahead“. We are definitely forging ahead together with our friends, our family, and our God.

All this being said, we’re finding lots of joy in continuing this blog. It’s a creative outlet that we love to devote time to, if for no other reason than to make ourselves happy (but it’s awesome that there’s a few other people that seem to like it too and we definitely hope that number keeps growing).

This month’s flower post was, as always, a pleasure to create. Spray roses are some of our favorites, and it’s fun to use carnations (a flower that is typically regarded as boring and lackluster) in such a lively and graceful arrangement. We also enjoyed introducing some of the traditional colors of Spring already. Even though it’s January, it’s always sunny in Phoenix.



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