Does anyone know where this weekend went?? This one felt like it flew by even faster than normal. We started off with Evan having another procedure regarding his kidneys (thankfully, this one was outpatient). With him recovering, we spent most of the weekend laying low at home but also at some of our favorite local spots, like Hance Park and Berdena’s.

The weather was particularly lovely – cloudy and cold and perfect for bundling and cuddling up with your someone. We also were able to be pretty productive despite Evan having to recuperate, so we feel like this week is off to a great start! We’re hitting up a Coyotes game tonight, and we’re super excited because we LOVE going to hockey games and haven’t gone yet this season.

Have a wonderful week doing you!!


1 – If you’re interested in getting more organized in any or all rooms of your home, get this book for some seriously great tips on organization designed well.

2 – It’s always a good idea to shop small and support small businesses. We recently found this Etsy shop and we love a lot of their goods, like this hanging planter and these wood pegs.

3 – Here’s a peek at Ikea’s new line coming out in February. Bring on the ’80’s vibes!

4 – We’re big Studio Ghibli fans, so we’re very excited to go see their new film this week.

5 – We’re getting into decanting some of our pantry goods to help with organization and also to become more sustainable and use less plastic. These jars and cotton bags are definitely staples of a zero waste/less waste household.

6 – Did you get a chance to check out our most recent post on the Desert Botanical Garden?

7 – Modern Phoenix Week is coming March 16th – 25th. You can start reserving your spots for the various tours and events starting February 1st, so check out what’s available now!

8 – Trader Joe’s recently released what they believe to be their 15 best recipes using their products. We hope to try and prepare this recipe for dinner soon!

9 – A 5-day Hygge challenge?! Sign us up!

10 – Here’s an oldie that we truly love! Have a listen.

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