“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henry Matisse

Growing up, neither of us loved or even liked the desert. Evan always dreamed of living by the beach or in a huge metropolis (high rise living is still a dream, actually). And with most of my family living in Illinois, I grew up wishing I lived with four seasons, heavily wooded surroundings, fireflies, and lots of rain.

As we’ve grown older though, and especially within the last 3 or 4 years, both of us have come to not only appreciate but be captivated and inspired by the beauty of the desert. Cacti and succulents have such a strong presence and are such fascinating plants to really look at and study. The intricacies as well as their ability to survive and thrive in sometimes harsh conditions is just part of their allure.

Also, despite the initial belief of most, the desert is actually quite green. Even now, it never ceases to amaze us when we’re hiking or driving at a high point in the Valley (a spot that allows us to survey and gaze out a far distance) at how green it really is here in Phoenix. Just beautiful.

One of our favorite places to visit and stare at the desert scenery is the Desert Botanical Garden. The botanical gardens have a vast array of trees and plants, and there’s always a fun event (or two!) going on. Do you enjoy art installations? These sculptures are all a part of Jun Kaneko’s Sculpture Exhibit, going on until May 2018. Have a four-legged friend? Enjoy “Dogs’ Day in the Garden” today (1/20) from 8:00am – 2:00pm. Love music? Their Spring 2018 “Music in the Garden” concert series begins in just a couple of weeks on February 2nd (click here for the lineup).

Whether you visit during the day or at night, you’re sure to find overwhelming beauty in all that the Desert Botanical Garden has to offer it’s visitors!DPGpicsDPGpics-3DPGpics-5DPGpics-11DPGpics-7DPGpics-19DPGpics-20DPGpics-17DPGpics-21DPGpics-26DPGpics-33DPGpics-35DPGpics-40

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