LD2We’ve been back about two weeks now, and I think it took us every one of those days to fully recover from our trip to Europe. Unpacking, laundry, cleaning, restocking the fridge and pantry, getting over jet lag and catching up on sleep, and fighting various illnesses… all while going back to our day jobs. Despite feeling under the weather, it’s been so nice to be home after living out of suitcases for a couple of weeks.

We enjoyed our trip very much, and we are finding that we are appreciating the memories we made more and more as time goes on. The return trip kind of kicked our butts (4 flights across 9 time zones in 2 days). So, upon our return to Phoenix, we found ourselves more excited to be home than reminiscing of the times we had in Copenhagen, Prague, and Munich. We are now feeling the joys of the vacation versus being scarred after the ungodly amount of hours we were strapped into airplane seats.LD2-2LD-6Since we’re feeling better and getting back to our routine, we’ve been talking about our favorite parts of the trip and going through the thousand photos (not exaggerating) that we took. We’ll definitely be featuring posts on the cities we visited in the weeks to come, so be on the lookout.

In the meantime, we wanted to share one of the best souvenirs we got from our time abroad: our increased love of the Danish culture. We went to Copenhagen with a love of their way of life – their appreciation for design (minimal, natural, and pure) and their lifelong desire for “hygge” (or coziness) in every element of their lives. We really resonated with the Danes, and we can’t wait to go back one day.LD-7LD-5While we think we already embody much of the culture in our home and our way of life, we took notes on how to make our lives (and yours!) even more Danish and “hyggelig”. Here are our takeaways on how to live more like the Danes:

– Keep your decor simple

– Strive for warm, glowing light in your living spaces

– Own a Poul Henningsen pendant light

– Don’t own 1,000 coffee cups and only use one or two. Keep those favorites and donate the rest (this applies to everything you own). A clutter-free space promotes a clutter-free mind

– Walk or bike to your destination

– Always drink your coffee/tea with a pastry

– Recycle, create less waste, and live sustainably

– Be pregnant, or have a baby. Or both at the same time. And get one of these types of strollers. And don’t call it a stroller – call it a pram (this one is kind of a joke, but we’d never seen more pregnant people in our lives…)

– Have indoor plants, which include but are not limited to: a hyacinth bulb in a clear vase on your kitchen window sill

– Burn candles (preferably unscented and pure white)LD-3LD-8Farvel (goodbye) friends!!

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One thought on “How to Live like the Danes

  1. How awesome to see pictures and hear about the culture there in Denmark. My great grandparents on my dad’s side, Christian Hynding and Marie Petersen, were born in Tinglev, Denmark in 1854 and 1860. They came to America in 1883 and 1890 and met in Minnesota where they farmed. Christian was a tailor and Marie was a seamstress. šŸ™‚ When my dad, Roy, was dating my mom, Joan, in Tucson, AZ, her parents here parents would exclaim as my dad pulled up on his Whizzer motor bike, “Here comes the Great Dane!” Lol!


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