Hellooooo, and Happy Monday!!! We spent our weekend in the best way – packing for our upcoming trip, cleaning up around the house, relaxing at home, and taking breaks from cleaning/packing to do fun things with friends and family. It was a perfectly productive and fun weekend!

For this week’s post, we wanted to mention just some of the things we’re excited to experience overseas. We have a long list of things we’d maybe like to do or see, but we’ve only planned (a.k.a. purchased tickets/booked reservations) for 1 or 2 activities per city we’ll be in. That way, we can mostly just wander around and do things on the spur of the moment. We’ll leave the bulk of the excitement for the posts we do upon our return, but until then, here’s a few things we’re excited to do:

1 – Evan and I love animals, so whenever we go on vacation, we love checking out the zoo if we have time. We’re hoping to visit the Copenhagen Zoo and the Prague Zoo (the Prague zoo is rated the 5th best zoo in the world!!!).

2 –  We can’t wait to try some traditional street food, like smørre­brød in Denmark and mulled wine in Germany.

3 – Browsing in foreign markets is so fun. We have found ourselves at Chinese, French, or Italian markets around the Valley on more than one occasion, just enjoying the culture you can experience among the aisles. We can’t wait to see what lines the shelves and farmer’s market stalls in Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

4 – Most of our travel between cities will be by plane, but we are taking a train from Prague to Munich. We bought first class tickets in the bistro car, so we’ll be sipping on coffees, eating pastries, and enjoying the Czech and German countryside from the train windows. We found this guy and his website SUPER helpful when we were looking at tickets and booking train travel; so if you’re planning your own European vacation, check it out!

5 – There’s so much history to see in Europe, and this is just one of the sites we’re hoping to be able to visit.

Keeping it short this week, as we have a lot to do to get ready. Off to do laundry and pack!!!


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