Hello, and Happy Monday! We’re just over one week away from going on our European Christmas vacation, and we’re feeling very excited and grateful!! Lots had to happen to be able to go on this trip (if you didn’t get a chance to read about our update, click here), so the fact that it’s almost time has us giddy with excitement!

To all of our friends and family, thank you so much for your continued prayers and well wishes. We DEFINITELY feel them and we feel so fortunate to know so many amazingly supportive people. Evan is getting better each day with his recovery from surgery, and we’re getting more and more back to our routine as the days go by. Again, thank you for your words of encouragement.

On to the post! Here’s what’s been catching our eyes as of late:

1 – Old Fashioned’s have become our drink of choice, and this whiskey from an Arizona company is one of our favorites (we’ve tried it at this restaurant).

2 – Have you heard what’s coming to the Valley this upcoming weekend?! We’re hoping to stop by for a tasty bite!

3 – We were savoring every last bit of Stranger Things Season 2 (we just finished this weekend!). We also started (and finished) Beyond Stranger Things, which we definitely recommend if you’re a S.T. Fan!

4 – Since we’ve finished Stranger Things, we started watching this series again. Never too old for cartoons.

5 – We’re diggin’ this lamp. Are you?!

6 – This candle smells exactly like Evan’s favorite cologne.

7 – Have you checked out Chip and Jo’s collection at Target?! Lots of dreamy items. We might have to purchase this for our flower posts!

8 – One of our new favorite from Trader Joe’s – this snack!

9 – A new Taschen book to add to our collection.

10 – We love this guy and his fun YouTube channel. Lots of great ideas, a fun set, and tasty drinks!

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