To say the last two weeks have been chaotic is an understatement. We’ve been playing phone tag with schedulers and surgeons, going to doctor’s appointments, and praying (a lot). Here’s the rub:

We posted on our Instagram a few days ago about a mass that came up on my most recent set of scans. Not knowing what the mass is, and given my history with cancer, we want it out YESTERDAY. It’s been stressful, but God has shown up in big ways (as always). When we first found out about the mass and made the call to schedule my surgery consultation, they couldn’t get us in until November 15th. With our Europe trip being on November 22nd, and us wanting to have the peace of mind that it’s removed before we leave, that wasn’t going to work.

As a friend pointed out, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets greased, so we kept calling and kindly asking for a sooner appointment. We first got it moved up to November 1st, and then miraculously, my surgeon agreed to extend his work day and fit us in for an appointment on October 27th. God is good, and so is Dr. Notrica! The consultation went extremely well, and God opened the doors yet again, as Dr. Notrica took it upon himself to coordinate a November 7th surgery for Evan. This is truly a miracle, as we were first told that he wouldn’t be available for surgery until the end of December or the start of the new year.

We are so relieved, and we truly thank our friends and family for sticking by our side and providing support in various ways. We aren’t done with you all yet, though! We need our prayer warriors to come together and pray for the following:

1 – First and foremost, prayers of thankfulness for so many things: that I’ve won this battle 3 times before, that I’m very healthy and active otherwise and the side effects I have from previous treatments don’t prevent me from being with the people I love or doing the things I love to do, that there is only 1 questionable mass instead of more, that I have some of the best oncologists and tumor surgeons on my side at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and so, so many more triumphs and blessings (too many to count).

2 – Pray that God guides Notrica’s hands and shows him exactly where the mass is inside my body. They are going to attempt a laparoscopic surgery, but since the mass is small and towards the backside of my pelvis, they will have to open me up more if they can’t locate it.

3 – Pray that the mass be benign. Earlier this year, I caught Valley Fever, and my doctor said that there is a potential that the mass is leftover fungus/matter from this sickness. We are fiercely praying for this result.

4 – Pray for healing. The chemotherapy pill I take daily inhibits the body’s ability to heal normally. I’ve stopped taking it for now, as directed, but please pray that my body is able to heal easily and quickly (not only so I have a smooth recovery, but also so that we can go on our European trip at the end of this month).

Again, thank you to everyone for anything and everything that you’ve done for myself and my family. From words of encouragement to prayers, Shawna and I appreciate it all the same. And rest assured that we’re very positive, happy, and overjoyed for all of the great blessings in our lives – life is too wonderful to let something like this bring you down!




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One thought on “Life Update

  1. We’re praising God for your daily victories, your faith, your love of life, and your journey through this! You both are ah-mazing children of the most high King and He is with you!
    You know you’re not alone, so ask for help when you need it. (and yes, the squeaky wheel, gets the grease-well done!) ❤️


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