Hello, and welcome! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As usual, ours was filled with friends, family, fun, and food.

There’s loads online to be enthralled by with Halloween, Stranger Things (!!!), the approaching holidays, and more! Here’s what’s been peeking our interest these last few days:

1 – Unless you live in a hole, you’re aware that Stranger Things (Season 2) came out last Friday. We’re savoring it and have only watched a couple of episodes so far. Check out this video if you need a refresher on Season 1 before you binge.

2 –  Did you get a chance to check out our post on the AZ State Fair?!

3 – Got a sweet tooth? We tried these for the first time from Trader Joe’s, and man are they good!

4 – We’d love to replace the surface mounted light in our kitchen, and we’re liking the idea of something like this or this. What are your thoughts on making temporary upgrades to your apartment/rental? Worth the time and money, or not so much? If you’re a fan, this article has some great tips!

5 – We’d love to visit some of these destinations in 2018.

6 – Picked up a vintage copy of this bartender guide from the used book store over the weekend. It’s more fun to have a retro copy, we think!

7 – We’ve been really into charcuterie boards lately, and this article has a lot of great ideas for different variations.

8 – Christmas is coming up faster than you think, and we love browsing ideas on fun, homemade, and thoughtful gifts for friends and family (like this or this).

9 – On the holiday note, I (Shawna) would be lying if I said I didn’t already break out our Christmas vinyls. I try to wait until November 1st, but it just didn’t happen this year. We’re pretty decked out when it comes to holiday records, but we need to add this classic to our collection ASAP.

10 – Need a new Youtube channel to get hooked on? We’ve been loving this channel and this one for a while now!

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