As the weather has been on a slow but sure decline, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors more and more. It’s funny how most of the country is getting ready for the long, cold winter, but here in Phoenix, we’re all experiencing the relief that comes with the cooler temperatures and the knowledge that we have this beautiful weather to enjoy for the next several months. It’s a great feeling!

1 – We’re BIG Office fans, and it’s fun to get to see inside one of our favorite character’s real-life digs!

2 – Have you made your way to the AZ State Fair yet?! If not, you only have a few more days left!! We went and had too much food and even more fun!!

3 – Check out our most recent post on our trip up North. We found Fall!!

4 – We recently drove past this new Thai place, and we’re excited to check it out soon!

5 – This place is also on our radar for “must try restaurants”. Such a unique and exciting concept for a restaurant, and we’re sure the experience would be worth the price!

6 – Before summer, we were hiking these trails at least once per week (if not more!). We went back again this past Friday for the first time since the summer heat kicked in, and it was AMAZING!

7 – This book is in our shopping cart for our next Amazon purchase. We love the idea of a culture evolved around the concept of the “not too little, not too much” mentality.

8 – Love this roundup of some simple, healthy, and “clean” coffee drink recipes!

9 – We found ourselves back at this place a couple times these last few weeks. We love splitting an Old Fashioned and their Chef’s Board on the outdoor patio. Such wonderful ambience and, of course, excellent food and drinks.

10 – We love the look of decanters for holding and serving various beverages in your household. These ones from Target’s new Project 62 line are beautifully simple!

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