This past weekend, we decided to “go find Fall” in Flagstaff. We were craving cooler temperatures, even though it gets nice and cool in Phoenix in the evenings now. We’re lucky to have Evan’s brother, Aaron, up North to be able to impose on and crash when we want a free place to stay. It’s not rude because he crashes at our place when he’s in the Valley too. We have a thing.

Anyways, we got to check out his new apartment, meet his new roommate, and play his Nintendo NES (I beat Evan in Mario Cart!!). He lives less than a 5 minute walk from downtown Flagstaff, so when we got hungry, we walked through town and decided on Root Public House for brunch. Mimosas, burgers, and Eggs Benedicts – mmm! We still aren’t sure which was better – the food or the view from our table on the rooftop.flagday-2flagday-3flagday-4flagday-5flagday-6flagday-8flagday-9flagday-11After brunch we checked out the flea market and car show, got coffee and Thai Tea Boba, and chatted/wandered around some more downtown. flagday-15flagday-12flagday-13flagday-17flagday-16flagday-18flagday-19flagday-20flagday-21flagday-23flagday-24Later in the day, we drove up into the mountains to see the aspens and Fall colors. We had fun taking pictures together (while trying not to be in the way of the entire wedding party that was also trying to take photos!). flagday-26flagday-27flagday-28flagday-30flagday-33flagday-31flagday-32flagday-36It was so peaceful being in the cold and quiet woods while the sun was setting. Arizona sure is a beautiful place, and we made sure to soak it all in. flagday-40flagday-41flagday-42flagday-46flagday-45

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