Happy almost Tuesday!! We’re uploading this week’s Monday Clicks with only a few hours of the day left, but it still counts! Our week has started off super busy, but we’re okay with that. The weekend will be here before we know it, and we have some fun plans in the works.

There’s a lot of fun to be seen and heard around the web. Here’s some things we’ve been up to or had our eyes on these last few days:

1 – We’re slowly trying to find ways to decrease our footprint and waste less. That being said, we’ve really been trying to utilize everything in our pantry and refrigerator before it goes bad. We had some leftover pumpkin (from our pumpkin pancakes!), a couple of very ripe bananas, and a lot of yogurt. I searched the web and found this yummy muffin recipe. By swapping out the brown sugar for honey and replacing some of the flour with oats, we made these tasty muffins just a bit healthier.

2 – Continuing on with trying to utilize everything in our fridge, we also made an amazing cilantro yogurt sauce (similar to this recipe) from some fresh cilantro that needed to get used and more of the greek yogurt. Instead of lime, which we didn’t have, I used a little bit of margarita mix (heyyyya). We roasted some sweet potatoes in the oven and drizzled the cilantro yogurt sauce over the top – YUM. Give it a try!!

3 – We’re slowly collecting items for our upcoming trip abroad. We’ve never used packing cubes before, but so many people recommend them online that we’re giving them a try! We went with these since they’re compression cubes – hopefully they’ll help us pack light!!

4 – Speaking of packing for our trip, we can’t decide if we should bring travel backpacks or carry-on suitcases. We’d like to not have to check any luggage. This article is super helpful as it discusses the pros/cons of each, but we need more help! Any advice?!

5 – Did you get the chance to check out our post last week on Fall fashion and, more specifically, ways to style the classic denim jacket?!

6 – We love grocery shopping online because we feel like it saves us both time and money. It’s just one of the things we do to try and create an even better work/life balance for ourselves. More free time = more us time. Have you heard of this online retailer that’s trying to save consumers even more money (everything is only $3!) by eliminating the costs associated with branding? Some of the items seem worth the price (like this and this), while others (this, for example) might be more reasonable elsewhere.

7 – We’re excited to be going to 2 of the 5 places on this list this holiday season 🙂

8 – Ikea has some great new items in their showroom. We love these stoneware cacti!

9 – With cool[er] weather comes the inkling to make more warm soups at mealtimes. We made this recipe for dinner tonight, and it’s definitely a keeper.

10 – Love clowns, hate them, or don’t care? Appropriate for Halloween, this article discusses why so many people are so afraid of clowns. One of us (Evan) is not a fan, and the other one (Shawna) (obviously) doesn’t mind them.

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