LJS-20In preparation for our rather mild Arizona winter, we’ve been on the hunt for “cold weather” staples to add to our wardrobes. A while back, Evan found a denim jacket that was perfect on all fronts – the wash, the distressing, the fit. It’s a perfect third layer that helps to elevate the look of any outfit and make it seem like one put in more effort than they really did. Also, is there anything more classic than a denim jacket??

With such a classic and simple piece, it’s easy to pair it with many items in your closet to get a variety of looks. A simple white tee or a colored striped shirt keep the look casual and cool, while the options for bottoms to choose from are almost endless: Black Levi 510’s, distressed jeans, and colored denim, to name a few.

Finishing off the look with an awesome pair of kicks and a beanie or dad hat also helps to create a more interesting outfit combination with virtually no effort. LJS-2LJS-3LJS-4LJS-6LJS-7LJS-10LJS-16LJS-11LJS-12LJS-14LJS-19LJS-22LJS-23LJS-24LJS-25

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