Autumnal flavors and colors of the season are popping up in markets and groceries everywhere. Coffees and desserts with maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice abound (not to mention the ever-popular pumpkin!). As far as Fall colors, wardrobes, decor, and flowers all begin to showcase deep wines and burgundy reds, spicy cinnamon and turmeric shades, and goldenrod and amber yellows.

For this month’s bouquet, we indulged in the colors of the season. We went a bit over our $10 budget, as the greenery we’d been using for the last few months had definitely seen better days. We spent about $20 this go around on fresh flowers and new greenery/eucalyptus. Even still, $20 for three similar but unique arrangements means that everyone can have fresh flowers in their home on a regular basis.


Posted by:wearethelumpkins

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