9LAfter this weekend’s attacks in Las Vegas, Canada, and France (as well as everything else going on in our world today), to say it is a sobering Monday is an understatement. Lots of people are starting off their weeks in ways they hadn’t ever hoped they would, and lots of others are no longer here with us at all. In these times, each of us has a different capacity to help out. Whether it be taking time to pray over those that are suffering, donating blood to your local blood bank to help out with the ever decreasing supply, providing financial aid, or countless other ways, we should all help out if and how we each feel led.

Evan and I each knew people that were in Las Vegas and at that festival. Thankfully, everyone we knew is okay and safe. We realize that not everyone can say the same. With this, as well as with any other act of destruction or evil, we will continue to hold true to our beliefs: that there is a God, He is good, and the fact that bad things happen doesn’t create an argument in opposition to that. We’ll also continue to do what we can to help others in need, now and always. Let’s all contribute to the hurting and broken, if we can.

That being said, we’ll continue to try and live our best life, be inspired by others, and to try and be an inspiration and a light. Here’s what we’ve been coming across online this past week:

  1. As mentioned, do what you can to help out those in need (if you feel led). Giving blood or donating money are just two ways that you can help!
  2. We love Ikea for it’s simplistic and Scandinavian approach to design. If you do too, check out this inspiring feature they curate on a regular basis. We love getting inspiration from other’s spaces.
  3. Speaking of simplistic design, this is a good site to go to when you want to drool over some truly beautiful pieces (like this one or this).
  4. Ever heard of the Swedish concept, “Lagom”? It translates to the idea of not having too much or too little, but just enough. We’re SOOO about this, and there are a few books coming to print soon on the topic (this one, this one, and this one).
  5. This website features vintage products of a popular, household name brand. Lots of retro and awesome finds!
  6. We’re excited to hit up First Friday this weekend. We haven’t been in a long time, but the cooler weather and zombies are calling us (the F.F. before Halloween usually brings out the zombies/costumes, right?!). Anyways, we’re planning to park/start here and work our way to Roosevelt Row.
  7. Did you get a chance to check out our recipe post last week where we featured three different ways to add a little “umph” to your breakfast cakes?!
  8. The Autumnal season seems to bring out the bakers in all of us. We’d love to get in the routine of making homemade bread on a regular basis, and this sourdough starter recipe seems like an easy/fun way to try to get into the habit.
  9. The idea of a Zero Waste household seems radical and hard to achieve, but we’re trying to take baby steps to leave a smaller footprint. This girl’s videos are very informative but also super fun to watch. We’re takin’ notes!
  10. We made a version of this recipe over the weekend, and it turned out great!
  11. We’re slowly collecting items and putting things in our online cart to get ready for our upcoming trip. There are lots of websites out there on the topic, but this one has been super helpful in terms of providing a streamlined packing list.


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