dt-mesa-26Hello, and Happy Monday! We spent our weekend eating out at a few of our favorite restaurants and cafes. We both said with all of this weekend’s dining out, we think we should eat in every night for the rest of the year (should is the key word… we aren’t committing to that).

Lots going on this week on the world wide web – it was hard to contain our list to just 10!

  1. We can’t find the right words to express our excitement for this movie and the new trailer that came out recently.
  2. We got hooked on this Pandora station last week. If you want to create a tiki bar-type ambience in your home, craft a couple of fruity cocktails and put these tunes on repeat.
  3. Sometimes you just gotta get your gaming on, and Evan is really excited for the highly anticipated release of this game in a few short days. With the inspiration coming from cartoons of the 1930’s, we’re both excited to see and appreciate all of the hand drawn graphics and listen to the jazz recordings they curated specifically for this game.
  4. We’re just approaching Autumn, but there’s already talk of the 2018 colors of the year!!! Behr just announced their Color Trends for next year, and we’re fans! Our favorite color combo: Positively Pink and Nurturing (very Beverly Hills Hotel, don’t you think?!).
  5. Did you see our post on how to score some awesome international flights for cheap?! If not, check it out! If so, here’s another article that features even more handy flight tracking and budget travel apps.
  6. Beyond excited for the release of this new computer. Evan & I are debating on whether we should forgo Christmas gifts to one another and just get this for ourselves?!
  7. Have you seen this popular brand’s magazine? With features and editorials about design and travel (!!!), it’s a shame that it only comes out twice per year.
  8. It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!
  9. We picked up a few of the newly released pumpkin items at Trader Joe’s this weekend. What are your pumpkin favorites?
  10. Always major bouquet and floral arrangement inspiration from this website. This is one of our favorites!
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