dt-mesa-2Growing up in Mesa, Evan and I both frequented all of the local hangout spots (first with our friends, and then with each other after we met in high school). One of the first memories we have of spending time together was when we hung out on Main Street in downtown Mesa. It was June and very hot. We went down to buy our tickets to the upcoming Death Cab for Cutie show, and then we walked around the shops on Main Street afterwards.

We browsed through some of the antique shops and took too many embarrassing photos doing stupid things and just acting like your average teenage idiots. Here’s just a few flashbacks to prove it:

Flash forward to almost 10 years later – we still enjoy these types of outings together. Wandering around somewhat aimlessly, having fun, laughing, and just enjoying each others company.

We recently went back to Main Street to revisit the good ol’ antique shops (in search of all things mid-century) and to try out a new[er] craft sandwich shop we’d been hearing good things about – Worth Takeaway.dt-mesa-4dt-mesa-9dt-mesa-6dt-mesa-8dt-mesa-7dt-mesa-10dt-mesa-12dt-mesa-14First of all, other than the photos we took, we didn’t find anything to take home with us from the antique shops. But, we did fall in love with these mid-century cocktail glasses that came in their own caddies (similar to this one and this one). We’ll definitely have to remember these exist when we get a bar cart someday.

After browsing, we wandered into Worth and split their Cuban, house-made chips, and a Cold Brew Latte with Iconic Cocktail Spiced Honey. Everything was delicious – the sandwich was pressed to perfection and so tasty, the chips had a perfect salted crunch, and the latte tasted like Autumn in a cup. We’d recommend all three! On top of the food/drinks, the service was top notch (the girl was so kind, attentive, and willing to offer up suggestions for first-timers!) and the decor was simple and stunning. Handmade bouquets wrapped in brown paper for sale, raw edged wood table tops and counters, and odes to all things Arizona from the cacti on the table to the Haver and Beadle pictures on the walls.dt-mesa-15dt-mesa-16dt-mesa-18dt-mesa-19dt-mesa-20dt-mesa-23dt-mesa-25dt-mesa-27dt-mesa-28We had a great time enjoying all downtown Mesa has to offer – both old and new, and it was a short but sweet trip down memory lane!dt-mesa-31dt-mesa-35dt-mesa-36dt-mesa-37dt-mesa-41dt-mesa-40

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One thought on “The Ol’ Stomping Ground

  1. After reading about your memorable lunch at Worth, my friend and I had to try it out for ourselves. The Cuban was even better than we’d imagined. Downtown Mesa’s a great place to spend the day. Thanks for the recommendation!


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