Arizona’s Restaurant Week is upon us! From today until September 24th, restaurants around the Valley will be offering thoughtfully curated courses and pairings at discounted prices. Last year, we used the opportunity to try a new restaurant with friends, and it was such a fun experience! We’re hoping to do the same this year (and also cash in on a deal or two at one of our favorite spots!).

We’ve decided to do a rundown of our favorite establishments that are participating in Restaurant Week this year (and which one we think is the best deal!), and we’ll also share the list of places we’ve never been before but want to try!

Starting off with some of our favorite places that are on the list (including links to their Restaurant Week menus):

  • St. Francis (Such a warm and inviting ambience here, and of course, the meals are top notch)
  • The Clever Koi (Pro Tip: if you’re getting a cocktail, try The Enabler)
  • Doughbird (Their R.W. menu includes 3 full courses plus a glass of wine or beer)

Now for a few of the places we haven’t been to yet but want to try:

  • Farm & Craft (Health-conscious, American fare served in a cool, modern space)
  • Nobuo at Teeter House (We don’t eat sushi, but we’ve heard amazing feedback about this place so we’d love to try their other dishes)
  • The Gladly (BANANA.NUTELLA.JAR.)

And lastly, we think this eatery has the best Restaurant Week deal this year:

  • Blanco Tacos + Tequila (Check out that menu! $44/couple for 2 margaritas, an appetizer, 2 entrees, AND dessert?! Run, don’t walk.)

Definitely take advantage of this bi-annual event (Arizona Restaurant Week happens in the Fall and the Spring)!

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