We’re back at it this Monday with 10 links that have been keeping us inspired. Check it out!

1 – We got hooked on a few new-to-us bands this past week, including this one (doesn’t the music video have such a Wes Anderson vibe?!).

2 – And this one (nice dance moves, huh?).

3 – Did you get a chance to check out this month’s bouquet post?

4 – One of our go-to spots for coffee, breakfast, lunch – you name it! – is getting a revamp!! We can’t wait to see it completed!

5 – We’re excited to try this taco place. Has anyone ever been?!

6 – Speaking of awesome eateries, this place is next up on our list to try! They’re having “The Office” trivia tomorrow night. We’ll probably show up to dominate because “…sometimes you just gots to get your freak on.”

7 –  We stumbled upon a website that features lots of cool, very minimal products and designs, like this lamp. Check them out!

8 – We love this article that shares an easy outlook/approach to taking time off.

9 – Have you ever checked out this blog? Tiny living in California on the Venice canals? Where do we sign?!

10 – We’re excited to check out this book that features advice on building a creative and inspirational business from the ground up. We have lots of hopes and dreams to pursue, and this book seems like a winner!


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