When we did our bouquet post a few weeks ago, we had the idea to make it a continuing feature and do one per month. We want to keep the same elements across posts:

  1. Using seasonal flowers/greenery
  2. Making three similar but unique bouquets
  3. Sticking to a rough budget of $10 for purchased flowers (reuse what you can from the previous month!)

Last month’s arrangement had already got the wheels spinning for what we would come up with for September. Coming into Autumn, the traditional colors of the season drop down to darker shades, so I knew we’d want to incorporate a deep burgundy or a spicy cinnamon into the mix.

Last month’s arrangement was about 90% greenery and 10% flowers. While this assortment still has more greenery than not (e.g., varying eucalyptus varieties), we upped the flower game for sure.


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