Happy Monday, and welcome back! Every week we start out with a list of articles we’ve been into, products we love, upcoming news or events we’re excited about, and more. Take a peek!

  1. On Saturday, we felt like adventuring outside of Phoenix. We drove this loop, listened to music, talked, and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL scenery. It was a lot of driving, but we’re excited to do it again (maybe in Autumn?!).
  2. We can’t wait for Season 2 of Stranger Things to come out in October. In the interim, this article is a fun read about the cast.
  3.  Have you seen this collaboration between Away and one of our favorite celebrities?!
  4. Speaking of collaboration, we can’t wait for the opening of this new restaurant in Phoenix that’s merging chefs from two of the Valley’s best places to eat.
  5. This is our new favorite popcorn topping – definitely a nightly ritual to wind down with a show and a big bowlful of the good stuff.
  6. Got any plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?! If not, check out these awesome long-weekend guides.
  7. One of us (Shawna) has a new addiction to this show.
  8. Could this 1930’s cottage be any cuter?!?!?!
  9. This Reddit forum makes us so happy. Maybe we’ll get to contribute a few shots when we take our trip abroad.
  10. We started this documentary last week, and it was really interesting getting to learn more about Blink 182’s ex-frontman – Tom DeLonge.
  11. This article on one of the most iconic houses EVER came out a few days ago. Can you believe the price per square foot of houses back then?!

Hope everyone has a fun and productive week before the holiday!

Posted by:wearethelumpkins

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