Hello all, and welcome back! We had a nice and relaxing weekend cat sitting for our favorite feline, spending time by the pool, and catching up on some Z’s. It was a really productive weekend too, which makes relaxation and down-time all the more enjoyable.

Here’s our weekly roundup of some favorite products, articles, and whatever else we’re feelin’:

  1. Evan’s been thinking about these frames non-stop for his next pair of glasses. So unique and stylish!
  2. This trip is GOALS.
  3. We wandered into West Elm after dinner at Flower Child this weekend, and now we can’t stop thinking about this or this.
  4. Another healthy snack we’ve recently gotten hooked on: this.
  5. Old video, older song – still good. This vinyl is currently on it’s way to our doorstep, and we can’t wait!
  6. This jacket is also currently making it’s way in the mail. Our trip is coming up quickly, and we hope we’ll be warm enough!!
  7. We just got our 2018 Ikea catalog in the mail, and we’re wondering if this chair would work well in our bedroom as a place to put on your shoes, hang a bag, etc. It’s marketed as a bathroom accessory, but we like to break the rules.
  8. The idea of tiny homes and tiny living appeals to us so much for many reasons. This article features 5 really awesome tiny houses.
  9. If you missed the eclipse today check out this awesome photo NASA got of it!
  10. We love flipping through print magazines so much more than viewing them online. We got a subscription to this travel magazine, and our first issue just arrived in the mail. We can’t wait to be able to sit back with some coffee and read through the articles.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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