Last week, we got to try out Gracie’s Tax Bar. Everything from the location to the building to the drinks to the ambiance was amazing.
First of all: the location. Gracie’s is in an urban neighborhood off of 7th Avenue, just south of Roosevelt. Being so close to downtown means that it’s also within walking distance to a few other amazing restaurants, such as Cibo, which is a definite plus if you love restaurant/bar hopping.
The building. Gracie’s is in a refurbished tax office, so what was once a place that people probably avoided at all costs is now a local go-to for many. It’s awesome when business owners choose to use existing buildings and materials to make something new and profitable.
The drinks. We ordered a couple of Old Fashioned’s to sip on. They were well made, craft cocktails with a heavy pour, and the bartender was super friendly. We felt that, for the quantity and the quality, the drinks were well worth the price ($8 each).
The ambiance. When you walk into Gracie’s, you’re immediately taken aback. The bar is dimly lit with neon red lights, and the jukebox casts a glow over the whole place. The music is retro and cool, but not loud enough where you have a hard time carrying a conversation with your table. If the neon and the jukebox weren’t enough, they have a shelf full of games and cards to enjoy while you’re there.
All pros and no cons. Gracie’s Tax Bar is a great place to spend any night of the week.
Posted by:wearethelumpkins

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