Happy Monday, and thanks for coming back for week 3 of our Monday Links posts. Every Monday, we share our top 10 links, which range from clothing lines or items we love, to local restaurants we have tried or want to try, to trips we are dreaming of taking, and much, much more.

01. If you missed our weekend post on Pueblo nursery, see it here. We took home some Palo Santo sticks and they’re making our home smell sooo good!!

02. While checking out Pueblo, we noticed that one of our favorite restaurants is opening up a new location right across the street!

03. We saw another amazing movie this weekend, and the soundtrack was even better than the Atomic Blonde tracks we were loving. We already ordered the vinyl – thank you Amazon!!

04. We’ve been wanting to try these for a while, and we finally picked up a box this weekend. We tried them one night in a “breakfast for dinner” meal, and they did not disappoint.

05. Before booking flights for our upcoming Fall trip, we were thinking about going to Portland. Neither of us have ever been, and this hotel looks so cool and welcoming. Definitely on the list of places to see/stay!

06. We spent our Friday night at one of the best bars in Phoenix with our best friends, Tim and Danika. We got to sip on a few different drinks, but the Dutchman’s Demise and Islander’s Loot were our favorites.

07. We love this brand for their efficient and functional, yet stylish designs. They’re great for traveling anywhere and everywhere (e.g., coffee shops, school/work, planes, trains, automobiles).

08. I use Overdrive to download audiobooks for free from my local library. My most recent download – this book.

09. Still on the hunt for more winter-appropriate jackets and boots. This jacket is definitely a top contender for Evan, but we’re realizing more and more that layering might be our solution and best friend.

10. I got this perfume at the start of summer, and the floral and fruity notes made it a wonderful scent for these carefree summer days. What’s even better is that the bergamot and amber notes make it easily transitional to an autumn perfume. Side note: does anyone else associate scents to seasons? For instance, this candle will go down in history as my favorite since it always takes me back to the winter we got married (we burned it night and day!).

Have a truly wonderful week, friends!

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