Happy Monday friends!

Last Monday, we started a weekly blog post where we featured 10 links to products we’ve been loving, recipes we’ve been wanting to try, websites we’ve been frequenting, and more. Think of it as a little Monday inspiration…

  1. We saw Atomic Blonde over the weekend, and you can be sure the soundtrack is now high on our list of upcoming vinyl purchases.
  2. Speaking of music, this song has been on repeat lately (either in our headphones at the gym or blasting in the car… it’s great).
  3. Last week we touched on wanting to have more healthy snack options around the house for when the cravings hit. This new Costco find is a WINNER!
  4. We’ve heard great things about this local bar, and we’re planning on tryin’ it out this week! Jukebox, board games, cheap drinks… has anyone been?!
  5. Coffee table books are our jam. Available in any subject, beautifully crisp and stylistic photographs, and interesting information in shorter, condensed formats. Here’s one that we already have in our library (did you see our latest IG post on this very book?!), and this is one we’re wanting to add.
  6. If you clicked the links in #5, you might have noticed that they led you to instead of Read more about AmazonSmile here, but in short, it’s a great way to continue all of your normal shopping on Amazon while simultaneously donating to your favorite charitable organization (at no cost to you!). We, of course, picked Phoenix Children’s Hospital!
  7. We’re planning to check out this new nursery downtown very soon. Being right across the street from this amazing eatery again will be tempting, so we might just have to stop in.
  8. We’ve been entertaining the idea of upgrading our sofa to a finer, more durable material like leather. This sofa is our dream sofa, and it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. This one and this one are more affordable options that we’ve been swooning over too.
  9. While we’re making more health conscious decisions when it comes to our food choices, pizza is still something we day dream about on a daily basis. It’s hard not to once you’ve experienced the Brussels Sprout pizza at this restaurant. If you haven’t, you must go. GO NOW!
  10. We make our own cold brew at home, and it’s almost time to buy some more beans for our next batch. We’ve been wanting to try this coffee from Cafe Du Monde. Has anyone ever tried coffee with chicory – love it or hate it?
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