Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week! We spent our time enjoying the cooler weather with friends, continuing our Harry Potter movie marathon, working on some fun projects around the house, floating around in the pool, and spending too much money on coffee and eating out. The perfect list of weekend activities.

We’re really new to the blogging process, but we’ve been having so much fun with this small community of people so far. It’s fun to try new things, and we are enjoying the excitement and inspiration this creative outlet is providing us. So, today marks day one of a new series of ongoing posts we’ll be featuring every Monday (a day that everyone seems to need a little inspiration!).

Some of our favorite blogs/bloggers feature weekly posts on various websites/articles/etc. that they’ve been enjoying. We love this idea because, no matter how many blogging platforms feature weekly link posts, each and every one will be different and unique to that blogger. We’ll be doing a weekly post on links we’ve been bookmarking, ideas that are interesting/inspiring, companies we’ve stumbled upon, recipes we’ve been eyeing, etc. Follow along!

  1. One of our neighborhood bars, Undertow, is our favorite place to indulge our Tiki obsession. We ended our work week here last Friday, and we might have to make it a tradition (HH is W-F from 4-7pm)!
  2. We’re planning a BIG trip later this year (more to come on that soon!), and we’ll both need cold-weather gear and waterproof boots. I’ve stumbled across this brand, but does anyone have suggestions for other waterproof boot brands that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing?
  3. Balancing health and cravings can be hard at times, so we like to have healthier snacks and treats on hand. We recently picked up a big carton of Mejool Dates, and we’re thinking of making date caramels via this recipe or homemade Larabars via these recipes. Has anyone ever tried either or have any other suggestions for tasty, healthy recipes?
  4. Planning trips always warrants at least a few new clothing items. In looking up fashion websites that are popular abroad, I stumbled upon this website. Their pieces are super unique, minimal, and affordable, like this!
  5. It’s August tomorrow, so Autumn is peaking it’s head around the corner! We’ve already started to get into the Fall spirit by ordering lots of Dirty Chai’s. (Confession: up until recently, I (Shawna) HATED the taste of Chai, but tastes really do change because now I can’t get enough). His local favorite: Cartel. Her local favorite: Lola.
  6. We’re heavy into the planning stages of our trip later this year, and this website has been a go-to for ALL of our questions. Seriously, there isn’t a question we’ve posed that they don’t already have a full article/blog post on! Go check them out!
  7. We mentioned on IG yesterday that we are working on something creative at home, and that thing is a photography project. We’ll be posting more later, but for now, check out the photo and follow us on IG if you haven’t already!
  8. For those of you that thrift, do you know the feeling when you come across pure GOLD at the thrift store? Well, Evan and I found not one, but two Charley Harper prints at a local thrift store a year or two ago (“Desert” print pictured above). Both of us being animal lovers and intrigued by modern design, we fell in love with his work. So naturally, we are extremely excited to see that West Elm has a new Charley Harper line of home goods. We would like one of these please!
  9. There’s nothing quite like an ice cold seltzer on a Phoenix summer day. Our most recent favorite flavor – watermelon!
  10. We love to wind down at the end of the day with cool, refreshing face masks. These are some of our favorite paper masks because they’re super saturated and also good for more sensitive skin. You can get them at Urban Outfitters (or on Amazon for less than half of the price).

Make it a great week!!!

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