This past weekend was filled with everything good – time with friends and family, good food and coffee, productivity, and rest. We found ourselves returning to not one but two coffee shops that we hadn’t been to in a while, one of these being Futuro.




With limited art and color on the walls, one’s mind is freer to roam and be inspired by what’s inside the head rather than in front of the eyes at Futuro. Their extremely clean and simple design aesthetic engages peoples’ creativity, for there is something intriguing about a space that is so visually stimulating yet so simple at the same time.

Futuro’s café tables are more like viewing places into the workings of their coffee shop (also to the adjoining hair studio, Palabra). A long wall of built-in seating with small tables facing the coffee bar and shop forces you to gaze at the space rather than outside a window or directly at your accompanied guest/s. We love to sit here, talk, drink, eat, and watch.








Another favorite aspect of Futuro is their silent movies. A projected film takes up an entire wall, and with no sound, it turns the feature from just a cinema screening to an art piece. This time, they were playing Rogue One, and the last time we went, they were featuring 2001: A Space Odyssey (basically no greater of a visually stunning film exists than this Stanley Kubrick classic).










We also got to enjoy treats from leDinersaur along with a clean and fresh Topo Chico. We chose the strawberry cake topped with basil crème and black sesame seeds, as well as a blueberry poppy seed pastry with a lemony whipped frosting. Both were so delicious, and we made sure to savor them slowly.




Find the time to go to Futuro, and make sure to stay for a while. Their simplicity truly amplifies their craft.

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