In 2009, I was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer called Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Blue Tumors. The tumors were many and widespread throughout my abdomen, the biggest being the size of a grapefruit. At 19 years young, doctors were giving me less than a 20% chance of survival, and I was even encouraged to go the hospice route and forgo all treatments. From the moment the doctors said, “…you have cancer”, I was and have been overwhelmed by a truly amazing amount of… peace.

Through countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, multiple surgeries, bone marrow transplant, and so many other procedures, I was given the gift of being labeled with “no evidence of disease” by my doctors. Although I would go on to battle cancer twice more, making me a three-time cancer survivor, I knew that God was, is, and always would be there for me.

These past 8 years house both the most wonderful and horrific memories of my life. To say every single day I’m alive is a blessing is simply an understatement, and there are no words to express how truly awesome it feels to be given the gift of life.

I held and am still holding steadfast to His love, and I’m looking forward to carrying out my dreams here on earth. Dreams of spending as much time possible with my family and friends,  living and loving every day with my wife and best friend, curating great design of all kinds and being able to make a living doing it, blogging all of our hopes and dreams that will come to fruition, and blessing others in any and as many ways as I can. Truly: health, wealth, and happiness.

I never want to become ungrateful for this life I have been given, or bored with the everyday. I welcome all of the days ahead, both ordinary and exciting. My hope is that my story will help others to be thankful for today, however boring and/or ordinary it is. It is a gift, and it’s worth being grateful for.

If you’d like to read more about my story, please visit my CaringBridge site.

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