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Dining out is an adventure – discovering new flavor combinations, testing your palette, venturing to places you’ve never been, and meeting new and interesting people. It’s a very social activity to come together and break bread, either with loved ones or complete strangers.

While we very much enjoy trying new eateries, we love to frequent our local favorites just as much. Going out to eat can be costly, so we take advantage of restaurant happy hours and daily specials.

We’ve kept record of our favorites, and we thought it would be fun to share our list in the spirit of good food, good drinks, and fellowship. The deals are broken down by days of the week, as well as some of our all-around favorite happy hour establishments. By no means is this list all-inclusive, as there are too many amazing places to list in one post.



La Grande Orange – Margarita Mondays from 4-10pm (2 Margaritas and a Margherita pizza for $20)

The Vig – $5 Arcadia Burgers (with fries!) after 6pm

Postino – $20 Board & Bottle after 8pm

Diego Pops – $3 tacos all day



Urban Taco – $1.50 street tacos from 3-9pm

Joyride – Taco Tuesday from 2pm-close ($2 tacos, $5 margaritas)

Postino – $20 Board & Bottle after 8pm



Hula’s Modern Tiki – all day happy hour



Hula’s Modern Tiki – Facebook word of the day deal (word of the day unlocks offers such as 2-for-1 drinks or entrees)

Urban Taco – $1.50 street tacos from 3-9pm



No current Friday favorites [yet!]



OHSO – Beer Brunch from 9am-2pm (10 oz. beer or mimosa with entree)



OHSO – Beer Brunch from 9am-2pm (10 oz. beer or mimosa with entree)

Linger Longer Lounge – all day happy hour

North Italia – all day happy hour


Other Favorite Happy Hours

Ingo’s Tasty Food – happy hour Monday through Friday from 11am-7pm (a Greyhound for me and a Mule for Evan… both only $6 each!). Also, try their Shattered Potato Chips with lebni and Ingo’s hot sauce as well as their Crispy Chicken Sammy (neither are on the happy hour menu).

Phoenix Public Market – happy hour everyday from 4-6pm

Diego Pops – happy hour everyday from 3-6pm

Beckett’s Table – “Social Hour” everyday from 5-6:30pm


We’d love to hear what your favorite deals are around the Valley, as well as your experiences if this post led you to try one of these places for the first time. Enjoy!

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