Spending time indoors is a necessity when it comes to making it through a Phoenix summer. After so many 100+ degree days, it can be difficult to find places to go that are novel and exciting and also don’t cost much. One of our go-to spots is the library.

Out of the 17 in the Phoenix Public Library system, the Burton Barr Central Library has the largest selection of books,  music, and films. What’s more, the building is as beautiful as it is rich with media. We love to spend time working on the blog or other creative projects, watching movies on our laptops, flipping through various books, or picking up culture passes so we can visit local museums and venues for free (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights are our favorite times to go since the library is open ’til 9pm).

A collaboration between DWL Architects and Will Bruder, the building has won over a dozen local, national, and international design accolades. Of all it’s innovative features, our favorite is the skylights that are scattered atop the building’s top floor atrium. Every year on the summer solstice, groups of people gather on this top floor to witness the result of what Bruder has referenced as the building’s “perfect geometry”. These skylights allow the sunlight on this longest day of the year to cascade down in such a visually stunning display at solar noon.

This year, the summer solstice is on Tuesday, June 20th (next week!). Although solar noon will be at 9:24pm in Phoenix, we urge you to go down and check out this amazing space and all it has to offer.
















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